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Online Courses for the California State Contractor License Exam Frequently Asked Questions

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You have found the most complete Online School that is designed to prepare you to Take and Pass your California State Contractors License Exam in:

»  Law & Business
»  General A Classification
»  General B Classification
»  C - Classification
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We use our same preparation Materials that come with our In-school and Home Study Programs and offer it anywhere you have an internet connection. With access available 24/7, and rock bottom low prices, we have made it easy for you to get started right now!

View any one of our courses to see which one is right for you. All our Trade Courses come with the option to include our INDUSTRY BEST Law and Business Preparation Course.*

Preparation Courses for the CA State License Exam Classification Price View Course
Concrete C8 $99.00 View Course
Drywall C9 $99.00 View Course
Electrical C10 $149.00 View Course
Fencing C13 $99.00 View Course
Flooring C15 $99.00 View Course
Glazing C17 $99.00 View Course
Landscaping C27 $129.00 View Course
Masonry C29 $99.00 View Course
Painting C33 $129.00 View Course
Pipeline C34 $99.00 View Course
Plumbing C36 $129.00 View Course
Roofing C39 $99.00 View Course
Solar C46 $149.00 View Course
Tile C54 $99.00 View Course
Welding C60 $99.00 View Course

Certification Preparation Courses for the CA State Exam   Price View Course

Federal Certification Course   Price View Course

Courses to Help You Take and Pass Your Exam Course Price View Course
*Additional fee may apply.