Terms and Conditions

Contractors State License Schools’ (CSLS) clients agree to the following terms and conditions

I understand that CSLS has reserved space and hired instructors for the above classes, and to have the best chance to pass my CA Contractors License exam or any other license/certification examinations, I must attend these classes. Furthermore, I agree to pay for these classes whether or not I actually appear and attend the scheduled classes. I also understand that I may take any class that I have missed within the next cycle of classes or mutually agreed upon schedule at no additional cost for the live in-school Law & Business classes only. All other scheduled classes in my program, or any other seminar programs will incur a $50.00 no-show rescheduling fee per program session. I realize I must contact the school no later than (Noon) Wednesday, the week of my seminar, to reschedule without paying the $50.00 no show rescheduling fee (1 time only). For purposes of this contract, a “no-show” is anyone who does not notify the school that they will not be attending and need to be rescheduled by noon the Wednesday prior to the class start date(s). I realize I may only be re-scheduled one time for an event. If I do not show or cannot attend the event in which I was re-scheduled, I will forfeit my enrollment amount regardless of whether I paid a rescheduling fee or not.

I understand that access to my online practice exam(s), if included in my enrollment, will commence 24 – 48 business hours from my enrollment date. I also understand that it is my responsibility to notify Contractors State License Schools if I do not receive them.

Although class locations, schedules, and methods of delivery (e.g., online or in-person) are rarely changed, occasional factors do arise that necessitate schedule adjustments. Therefore, I acknowledge that CSLS reserves the right to modify class schedules and hours at any time, if necessary.

I agree to receive SMS (text) communications at the phone number(s) I provide. Note: Msg rates may apply. Message frequency varies. Reply STOP to no longer receive SMS (text) messages.

I understand that to assist me in obtaining my license sooner, CSLS has set a time limit on completing my state license application. I also understand that failure to submit my application in a timely manner will delay my test date and thus my license. Furthermore, I acknowledge and agree that I must submit my application for review to CSLS within one hundred and twenty (120) days from the date of enrollment or this enrollment contract will be considered expired and void.

Should my contract expire, I acknowledge that any promotional item(s) will be forfeited, and I will need to reapply and pay a re-enrollment fee of $400, not including any necessary replacement of materials. CSLS will make an effort to provide me ample warning before this happens to avoid the additional cost. I may also choose to pay a $100 application submission extension fee for each month past my 120 days as long as I pay that prior to the 120 days

from the application submission deadline date. If at any time I fail to make the payment, the program and this contract will be expired and void.

Notwithstanding any approved rescheduling of classes or program holds granted, and by submitting my application by the deadline date, I understand that I will then have one (1) year from the date of this enrollment agreement to complete the service(s) or the contract will be considered expired and void. I will still be responsible for all tuition, fees, and charges associated with the agreement.

I understand that I must pay, in addition to the above amounts, separate fees to the State and to the bonding company for any services they provide and requirements they have that are not included in the above Product or Service(s) section of this contract. I also understand that no employee of CSLS may make any promises or representations other than those stated above. Further, by signing below, I am demonstrating both: (a) my knowledge that I need four (4) years journeyman experience in the last 10 years to qualify to take the California Contractors State License Board examination and, (b) my understanding that it is my responsibility to provide the necessary documentation attesting to this requisite work experience. By signing this document, I affirm that I have four (4) years of journeyman level experience in the last 10 years.

This contract is a legally binding instrument when signed by the student and accepted by the school. I acknowledge and understand there is no “cooling off” period and that notwithstanding any third party arrangement or assignment of tuition reimbursement/assistance. I am fully responsible for all charges, fees, and conditions of this enrollment agreement. All programs are Non-refundable.


CSLS shall not accept or process payment for any Enrollment Agreement with total program tuition fees in excess of $2,500.00; any such Enrollment Agreements shall be deemed null and void. Please contact CSLS Corporate Office if this maximum tuition charge is exceeded.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All Inclusive Program, Online Program, Crash Course Program, and Contractor’s Business Start-Up Bundles

CSLS is confident that students that enroll and complete our All-Inclusive Program, Online Program, Crash Course, and Contractor’s Business Start-Up Bundles will pass the California State Contractor License exam. Our Money Back Guarantee also applies to any Promotional Licensing program. The money back guarantee requires the completion of the educational program outlined below:

  • Read and/or study the self-study materials, that may accompany the selected program.
  • Attend any/all classes that accompany the selected program.
  • Access and take the online practice exams.
  • Pass our Law Crash Course final exam with a score of 85% or higher.

CSLS will provide payment to the CSLB of student’s law or trade exam retake fees, up to a maximum of 3 times and up to 12 months from his/her enrollment date with CSLS, if student fails them and if all steps of the Money Back Guarantee are followed.

If the student fails, he/she must submit the state exam results to CSLS within 10 days following the test failure date. CSLS will schedule a Post Exam Assessment with a Lead Instructor who will evaluate and professionally recommend the course of study needed for the student to achieve the desired results of passing the California Contractor License exam. Student must adhere to the Lead Instructor’s recommendations which may include additional self study, additional in-school study, online practice exams, and/or a retake of specific courses.

If a student adheres to the terms and conditions set forth above, and fails the state exam 3 times (each time following the steps outlined) and otherwise qualifies for CSLS’s Money Back Guarantee, he/she shall be eligible to receive a refund of the educational program, minus up to a 25% restocking fee (not to exceed $295) for books and materials. The student will also have the choice to continue to work with a Lead Instructor and re-take the Crash Courses until he/she passes the California State License Exam in lieu of submitting a refund request for up to a 12-month period after initial enrollment date.

PASS Guarantee: Additional Classification Programs

CSLS is confident that students that enroll and complete our Additional Classification Courses will pass the California State Contractor License exam. Completion of the full program is required for the Pass Guarantee.

Program includes the following required steps to qualify for the pass guarantee:

  • Read and/or study the self-study materials, that may accompany the selected program.
  • Attend any/all classes that accompany the selected program.

CSLS will reimburse the student the cost of the state retake-fee one time, and may retake the Interactive Online Trade Math Crash Course and shall receive access to the online practice exams for 30 days.


Students are required to submit a written request, within 30-days of failing the California State Contractor License exam, to Student Services at [email protected]. You may also contact the school directly.

Please make sure to include the following:

  • A documented testimony from the student outlining in his/her opinion why he/she failed the exam and what CSLS could have done differently to help him/her succeed in achieving the desired results.
  • Current contact information.
  • Copy of any failure notice(s) issued by the California State License Board.

PLEASE CALL US AT 800 303-4691 OR EMAIL US AT [email protected].