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California Electrical Certification Exam Prep

This program is designed to prepare experienced electrical workers for the California Electrical Certification Exam. The certification is required by the state of California for all electricians who work for a C-10 licensed contractor. The exam prep program is offered in two sections, a Home Study Guide for self study and a one day live online instruction crash course. Depending on your study needs the Guide can be purchased alone or along with the crash course.

The Home Study Guide is available for purchase on-line and includes the following Sections:

  • Structure & Scope of the National Electrical Code® 2020 Edition, NFPA 70
  • Similarities between CSLB Classification and DAS Electrical Certifications
  • ECE Basic Electronics Knowledge Review (Based on the Electrician Trainee Curriculum)
  • CA Electrical Certifications Exam Content Outlines
  • CA Electrical Certification Exam Application process and forms
    Attachment 1: Sample Application for Electrician Examination and Certification
    Attachment 2: Sample Electrician Exam Retest Form
    Appendix: Prometric's CA Electrical Certification Candidate's Information Bulletin including the exam content Study Guides

The Crash Course is designed to improve your knowledge and skillful use of the NEC 2020 Edition and to prepare you for typical practice questions. The ECE Exam is a timed, open book exam. The test taker’s knowledge of the code and ability to locate code references in the code book is essential to success. The crash course covers the following material:

  • Guide you through the Certification Exam application process
  • Background of the California Electrical Certification program
  • Essential general knowledge area covered by the Certification Exam
  • Exam taking strategies and approaches including an orientation to the structure of the NEC 2020 Edition
  • Practice questions similar to those found on the Certification Exam

Books required for the Crash Course include the CSLS ECE Home Study Guide, the NEC (NFPA 70) 2020 Edition. Recommended book is the National Electrical Code® Handbook (NFPA 70), 2023 Edition.

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Please note: this program prepares electrical workers for the CA Electrical Certification Exam. Only those individuals who currently meet the required hours of on-the-job experience for the CA Electrical Certification Exam should participate in this program. The program is not a replacement for technical training or apprenticeship programs. It is an exam preparation program designed for experienced electrical-related contractors and their employees who are currently in the industry. Eligibility based on experience is reviewed as part of the application process for this exam.