Blueprint Reading

Blueprint reading is a fundamental skill required in the construction industry.

Can you read Blueprint and interpret how it applies to the job you are working on?

Do you know how to apply the Blueprint information towards determining costs for labor and materials? If not, you need to take this course.

The CSLS Blueprint Reading course is an introductory course that provides the blueprint fundamentals needed for residential and light commercial projects. This course will help you to organize and apply Blueprint reading skills towards preparing accurate forecasts of the materials, labor and costs involved in a project. This course is also beneficial for those students testing for the Contractors State License Exam who have little experience in applying Blueprint reading to their trade.

The Blueprint Reading course will include a copy of the Blueprint Reading: Construction Drawings for the Building Trades, McGraw-Hill.

  • Blueprint Reading for Residential & Light Commercial Projects
  • Drawings & Specs: Lines, Symbols, Abbreviations, Measuring Tools, Sketching, Dimensioning
  • Foundation Blueprints, Framing Blueprints, System Blueprints
  • Reading & Understanding Lines & Symbols on a Blueprint
  • Figuring Accurate Takeoffs from Prints
  • Determining Labor & Material Costs from Prints

Reading blueprints is a basic skill set required to be competitive in the industry and to make your business successful. If you need to develop these important fundamental skills, then sign up for this course today!

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