California Contractor Licensing

Test Taking Strategies Course

Are you feeling a little nervous about your upcoming license exam?
Is test taking a challenge for you even when you know the material?

Contractors State License Services offers a one day test taking strategy course that will provide you the information on how to approach and successfully pass the state exam.

Just like learning your trade, test taking is a skill that you can improve upon. This program is designed to help you

  • Build confidence in test taking
  • Learn to recognize questions quickly using key words
  • Learn sense of timing allowed for each question on state exam
  • Learn to answer a question when you just don't know the answer
  • Learn the different types of questions
  • Learn how to answer multiple choice questions

This course offers live instruction and rapid fire questions covering Law & Business content. This quick and inexpensive course is perfect for home study students, crash course students, or anyone who could benefit from knowing test taking techniques that can help you successfully pass your test the first time.

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