The CSLS Difference

Advantages to CSLS Programs

Money-back guarantee
Many providers list some form of guarantee. Make certain you're aware of the fine print; some may exclude you from receiving a refund simply by opening your materials! Our money-back guarantee will give you peace of mind in that by following our proven steps to success via "The Mizener Method" you will pass your examination or your money back.

1 in 3 California License Exam Applicants use Contractors State License Services to prepare for their Contractors License Exam.
At Contractors State License Services we have the most comprehensive and most diverse course and study offerings to meet every study need and every budget. It’s a no-brainer that over one third of all applicants use our services to prepare for their California Contractors Exam.  We regularly track the number of applications processed through the CSLB and we know that at least one third of those applicants become our students.  As the largest Contractors School in California and our 35+ years of experience, our students know that we can provide them the programs that will guarantee their success.

98% of our students pass the first time
You may see other programs that boast of a 95% or even a 100% pass rate. Make certain the statistics you're evaluating includes students who pass the first time - not those who eventually pass.

Over 135,000 successful students have been through the CSLS program
Year over year, CSLS has assisted thousands of contractors in obtaining their license. We know we can assist you in achieving this too through our proven process - "The Mizener Method"

Most accurate up-to-date study material available
CSLS has a dedicated staff of instructional professionals who evaluate the materials on an ongoing basis. They are also up to date on all of the industry and trade related changes. This ensures that any relevant information you may need to pass your examination will be included in your materials and classes.

Live Instruction from qualified and experienced instructors
Are you considering programs who claim to offer instruction in addition to home study material? Be certain to ask if the classes are led by qualified instructors or if they are only supported by video or study materials. At CSLS, all of our classes are live, and led by dedicated instructors who are passionate about helping their students successfully pass the license examination. Additionally, our instructors are professionals in the industry who are current on all of the relevant law and trade information you will need to pass your examination.

Spanish classes available
Although the license examination is administered in English, the ability to take courses in Spanish will help in improving comprehension of the material. This will further aid in passing the examination the first time.

Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education
Contractors State License Services formerly operated under the oversight of the State of California's Bureau for Private Post Secondary and Vocational Education. As of January 1 2010, the new Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education (BPPE) came into existence replacing the BPPVE. CSLS now operates under the provisions of the California Private Postsecondary Education Act of 2009 (CPPEA), Article 4 Section 94874(f). Learn more...

Individual attention and support
Each student has individual learning needs. From our license consultants to our instructors, CSLS seeks to provide the best customer service and educational support to satisfy every individual's needs.

Complete application processing
Many programs simply provide you with the state license application or offer to review it. You are responsible for completing it and ensuring its accuracy. CSLS offers comprehensive application processing by trained professionals - we will even submit it to the board on your behalf. This service is included with all of our in-school programs and available to home-study students as well.

Home study material - Law & Trade
Not all home-study materials and programs are alike. Most only provide you with material covering the law and business portions of the examination. CSLS is a complete and comprehensive program. In addition to the law and business materials, CSLS also includes the specific trade material to your license category.

Computer-based practice testing
All license examinations are administered in a computer based format. Providing computer practice tests allows our students to familiarize themselves with the computer testing process. Additionally, this testing process aids in measuring the student's progress and comprehension of the material.

Live Crash Courses
CSLS' crash courses are led by instructors who teach our regular classes. You can interact, ask questions, review and clarify any difficult material.

Over 25 locations statewide
We mean it when we say "We're everywhere". With 25 locations statewide, not only is there a convenient location near you, this means you can attend near your home or your jobsite.