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Online EPA RRP Required Federal Certification For Renovators & Firms Course

Contractors State License Services is a Certified Training Provider for the EPARRP National required certified renovator and firm certification. This Certification is a National Requirement in all 50 states for any person who disturbs paint on the interior of any pre-1978 home, child care or school where kids 6 years and under will attend.

CSLS is offering this program on-line for the required 6 hour portion. Once the student has completed the 6 hour on line portion they will print out a certificate of completion then contact our nearest location where the client will complete the last 2 hours of hands on exercise and receive their certificate as an EPA Certified Renovator. At the 2 hour hands on the client will be assisted in filling out the required EPA application for the Firm (which is needed for sole proprietor, partnership or corporation. Both the Certifications are good for a period of 5 years. At the end of the five years the person must attend a 4 hour refresher course at one of our locations. The firm need only submit an application along with a fee directly to the EPA every 5 years.

Do not do any renovation on any pre-1978 facility without the two certifications as you will be subject to a $37,500 fine per day per violation. The EPA is aggressively enforcing this new rule.

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