Locations & Directions


530 West Katella Avenue
Orange, CA. 92867
(714) 289-9105

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Driving Directions

From Riverside:
91 West to 55 south, exit at Katella, make a right. The school is just past Tustin, ton the left side of the street. The Home Depot will be across the street.

Northbound I-5:
Northbound I-5 to 55 north, exit on Katella, turn left. Go down ½ mile. The school is on the left hand side. Home Depot is across the street.

Southbound I-5:
Southbound I-5 to 91 east, to 57 south, exit Katella. Make a left. Go straight, just past Batavia on the right side of street. Home Depot is across the street.