Estimating For Construction Seminar

Estimating For Construction Seminar

Do you guesstimate your jobs and end up losing money?

Standard estimating procedures can help you determine your costs and make more accurate and profitable bids!

The Estimating for Construction Seminar is an introductory course to estimating and bidding that will help you to understand the fundamentals and processes of estimating small to medium construction jobs. It has been designed to help you run a more profitable business through learning how to determine accurate costs and how to avoid estimating pitfalls.

The Estimating for Construction seminar includes a copy of Estimating Home Building Costs Revised, (published by Craftsman) and covers these useful topics:

  • Introduction to Estimating & Bidding
    • Concepts & Techniques
    • Types of bids
  • Calculating Business Overhead
    • Costs
    • Profit
  • Determining and Tracking Costs & Percentages
    • Bidding & Estimation (Planning)
  • Determining Labor & Material Costs
    • Bidding by Square Foot
    • Bidding by Openings
    • Bidding by Unit Price or Function
  • Estimating to make a Profit
    • Pitfalls in bidding
  • Overview of Estimating Technology - Estimating Lab

Students in this course are required to acknowledge Blueprint reading proficiency before enrolling in this Estimating seminar. A Blueprint reading seminar is available at a discounted price when purchased along with the Estimating seminar.

Accurate estimating and bidding skills are fundamental to the profitability and success of your business. Enroll Today!  800 331-7649