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I Need Insurance...What's Next

Some things to keep in mind:

  • Access to the best markets is limited to those who know the markets. It’s essential to use a specialist who knows the construction insurance markets.
  • All insurance programs limit the work they will cover. There are large differences between carriers even for the same trade.
  • The process can take less time but plan 3-5 business days to quote and bind coverage. Workers compensation can take up to a 15 days depending on the company.
  • Contractors can be liable for damage caused by their work for up to 10 years, not all policies protect for that long. Ask about clauses and exclusions that affect your policy.
  • Additional Insured Endorsements often cost extra and take time to issue. Be sure to ask in advance.
  • The carrier may audit the policy for up to three years afterwards.
  • Risk Retention Groups (RRG) might seem like a good deal but they are not actual insurance companies. They area a fairly new entity with no proven track record.
  • The contractor with the right insurance is going to get the job. Having the correct policies in place will get more work, protect your business and family.

The Process

  1. Call to speak with a contractor insurance specialist. We’ll ask questions about your business and the work you’re doing. We’ll prepare the applications and get back quotes.
  2. When we get back the quote we’ll send you a proposal via fax or email, your agent will go over it and answer any questions.
  3. Sign where indicated and fax it back along with the payment required. You can either pay in full or finance the premium. Estimate about 35 to 45% of the total as a down payment.
  4. The policy will be in force a short time after we get back the proposal. Congratulations!

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